By helping new parents to approach the upcomming birth with confidence and supporting them throughout the process, I make sure they feel heard and have the best beginning for the whole family.

Doula: An experienced and knowledgeable professional who offers (prospective) parents practical, informational and emotional support during pregnancy, the birth of your baby and in the period afterwards. A doula gives tips in advance about what to expect and how to deal with it all. Giving support for you and your partner. Then, up to six weeks after the birth, they will contact you about how things are going and how you experience the new parenthood and look back on the delivery. A post partum doula offers this support just after delivery and can be hired up to the first birthday.

All of my time

Regardless of where you give birth, what your wishes are or how it goes, I am completely there for you as long as you need me.

All of my attention

At birth, you are my priority. In the unlikely event that another customer shows up at the same time, I have a great backup network, so you keep my full attention.


As a recognized member of the NBvD I regularly attend refresher courses and I keep my knowledge and skills up to date.


Good communication is indispensable for a doula and I am always on good terms with caregivers. I strive for a pleasant cooperation and an especially pleasant atmosphere for mother and baby.

Facing the birth with confidence

As a doula it’s my passion to support you with a good start! I help parents-to-be to face birth with confidence.

I support you during birth, making you feel heard. I help you have a great start for the whole family. As a post partum doula I also provide support throughout the first year, with extra attention for a smooth transition to the new family structure.
I do that through:

  • good objective information about daily schedules, feeds and sleep
  • coaching you to feel confident on your parenting decisions and to get clear on what feels best for your family
  • coaching conversations
  • sessions that help with relaxation such as massage, post natal yoga or teaching babymassage


During birth, as a doula, I am in the unique position to only be concerned with your wishes and needs. I do this through:

  • practical tips
  • physical support
  • various support techniques

The purpose of all my services is that you can relax more and the birth or the time after will be more pleasant.

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    Book your relaxing prenatal Lomi Lomi massage, learn relaxation techniques or ease your concerns with a mamacoaching session by a licensed therapist.


    Good preparation

    Book a ‘her best birthpartner’ session in the privacy of your own home.


    Coaching and yoga

    Private courses in prenatal yoga.


    Continuous support at birth

    Practical and emotional support by a familiar and friendly face. By your side throughout birth, no matter how your journey unfolds.


    Post partum Doula

    Support to get your household and family life on track. Finding ways to navigate emotions and the balance between babies needs and your own.



    Birth photography. Only available in combination with doula support.

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