Book your relaxing prenatal Lomi Lomi massage, learn relaxation techniques or ease your concerns with a mamacoaching session by a licensed therapist.

Good preparation

Private courses in prenatal yoga, birth preparation or book a ‘her best birthpartner’ session in the privacy of your own home.

Continuous support at birth

Practical and emotional support by a familiar and friendly face. By you side throughout birth, no matter how your journey unfolds.


Doula Farola works in the broader Rotterdam area, about 25-30 km from her home in the north of Rotterdam. She has expierence providing support both at home as well as
in the hospitals in Rotterdam, Capelle a/d Ijssel, Schiedam, Zoetermeer, Leiden, Den Hague and Delft

Farola is a member of the NBvD
Works as a doula since 2010

Co-founded and teaches at
Doula training In Bloei

A doula is an expierenced and trained professional that provides non-medical support. She gives informational, emotional and practical support throughout pregnacy, birth and the time after.

Post Partum Doula and infant care specialist

In the Netherlands we have the kraamzorg, a nurse that comes to your home the first 7 days after the baby is born. If you have a hospital admittence, this takes away from your kraamzorg hours. A post partum doula and infant care specialist is not medically trained but does have a first aid certificate. We can provide adittional support. We help mothers proces the birth, adjust to motherhood and the emotional rollercoaster. We have tips and tricks for helping with sleep issues and getting a dayroutine that benefits the family, but mainly we support you by telling you how awesome you are doing and that this first time parenting is hard. If you could use any form of additional support up to the first birthday, please contact me!