Sophie and I met at doulatraining in 2010 and have been working together on a regular basis ever since. Besides working together we’ve developed  a beautiful friendship. Besides being a mother of three nearly grown men Sophie is an expierenced and seasoned doula with a passion for entrepeneurship. She is the co-founder of Birth in Holland, where I also teach the Confident birth course. Sophie in return mentors several doulas in training at Doulaopleiding In Bloei. Sophie has a passion to provide unbiased support and making birth a positieve and memorable expierence. Capturing the birthjourney in gorgeous pictures is also one of her many talents. She alos enjoys helping parents set up to take on the challenges of the early weeks of parenting together.

Our joint vision and on the importance of unbiased, total support and how we go about in our work is a great match to both ourselves and our clients. We  both have our unique qualities and areas of expertise which are complementary and gives our clients even more options for great support. Being expierenced doulas as we are, we are certain that our client will not expierence noticeble differences between our level of support in case you meet the back up at birth. 

If I’m unavailable at any date be it evening or specific weekend around your 5 week due period, Sophie will be on call for you. If the birth starts in that moment, she will present at the birth. If the event is sceduled beforehand (like a weekend trip or wedding) you’ll have the choice to meet Sophie ahead of time. This arrangement of working together allows us to provide the best possible care for our clients all year around.