Farola is a mother of three and married to her childhood sweetheart, lives in the North of Rotterdam with her family and two cats. Her friends say she’s patient and kind (though her kids might dissagree when they are told to eat their veggies ;-). She enjoyes lots of sunshine, esspecially in the summertime with friends at the Archeon, dressing up as Romans. She also loves curling up with a good book when it’s rainy though. She loves all things doula and moderates two facebookgroups to support mothers (to be).

Farola Dumont

As dramatherapist I worked with teenagers and families, but realised that a lot of troubled teenagers and their parents had a less then optimal start with their family. Sometimes due to post natal depression, other times having to go back to work with unsufficient childcare. In a lot of cases I noticed that the mothers had experienced an overall lack of support. As I became a parent myself in 2007 I also stuggled as one of the first of my network to have to figure out parenting.
When the day after birthing I read an article about the option of hiring a doula during birth, I thought both ‘ I could’ve used one’ as well as ‘but that sounds like it could be me’. I felt with my background in coaching and expierence in providing emotional support, I had a lot of the doula qualities already.  I read all the books and wanted to start training when I found out I was expecting. I dove in deep after my second son was born and qualified as a doula in 2010. That was also when my doulabusiness started and I became an entrepeneur.
I had expierence in being a chairperson at the school I had worked so decided to help the dutch doula association (NBvD). I was chairperson of the NBvD for three years (2011-2014) while working as a doula and in 2013 having my third child. Due to my knowlegde on communicationskills I had also started teaching at a doulatraining in 2012.  I qualified as a (then pregnant!) prenatal yogateacher in 2013.
In 2015 I partnered up with a great collegue to co-found our own doulatraining In Bloei (means In Bloom). We started teaching together in 2016 and we’ve gone from training one group of awesome doula’s a year to training two groups a year. As thriving doulas it is lovely to share our knowledge with future doulas! We teach all training days together, so we can still be called away to a birth to serve ours clients.
Besides keping my knowledge up to date and following numerous courses yearly, I also added prenatal Lomi Lomi massages to my skill set. I developed a passion to take pictures at birth to literally look back at the birth with the parents and help them proces. To provide more support also after birth I took a training on how to provide postnatal mamayoga and babymassage lessons. And most recently I added yet another wonderful service that I can’t believe I didn’t find sooner. I trained with ProDoula as post partum doula and infant care specialist. I provide emotional and practical, hands on support in the early weeks up to the first year of parenting.